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Importance of Follow Through

“If 85% of Success is showing up then 15% is for following through!”

Early on in sports if you don’t learn to follow through then your skills and your results will suffer dramatically. In business and in life it’s the same. If you’re not succeeding at the level you want then take a look at your follow through. Have you finished that project? Have you followed up on that last meeting?

All success starts with the completion of a process. You must learn to finish what you started. Finish your latest project before taking on a new one. Complete it as intelligently and as energetically as you began.

You see, most people won’t do that. They never finish what they start. They never put as much care in the end process as the preparation in the beginning. That’s why the “air is so thin at the top.”

As I mentioned, in sports if you don’t learn to follow through then your skill will be limited and your results will mostly be based on luck. You won’t be selected to move up to the “Big Leagues” and your career will come to an abrupt or gradual end.

In business, you won’t have a new and improved product to ship or a next level service to offer so the orders will gradually or abruptly stop and business will slide or fall off a cliff. In relationships if there’s no follow through then the ultimate togetherness and special bond will drift and the heart will crave renewal and go searching elsewhere for it.

All is not lost, help is at hand because follow through is a matter of discipline and discipline is a personal choice. It’s a mental shift and excitement about the possibilities of something new. Often all it takes is a little helping hand to create a new breakthrough, a little encouragement or a slight push.

When we were children we used to get this encouragement from our parents, teachers and coaches. Now that we’re older we can garner this from our partners, colleagues, friends, mentors and business coaches.

Ultimately, we must take responsibility for all our successes or lack thereof.

Often, all we need to push us through the finish line is a kindly push past our quitting point.

Thoughts on re-motivation:

  • Take a breather then decide to carry on with a renewed vigour.
  • A good nights sleep works wonders.
  • A quick call to a good friend or family member.
  • Play with your children.
  • Take a detour during your normal day (visit a museum instead of Starbucks)
  • A mid day nap. (if it works for Richard Branson, why not you?)
  • Take a nice walk.

The bottom line is this. All your projects that  remain unfinished are draining your energy both mental and physical so either finish them or scrap them altogether so you can free up your good energy for something new and maybe even more exciting.

“Unfinished business is none of your business”

Dominic John Kotarski DJK :-)

Dom_1Dominic Kotarski is the author of “The Making – A Complete Sales Guide” and founder of Sales Success Academy. He writes, speaks, inspires, motivates and teaches on the most important aspects of your business including Sales, Coaching, Team building, People Management and Business Development. Get weekly access to his blog & training videos FREE by subscribing HERE!

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5 Essential Steps to a Sale

an excerpt from “The Making” by Dominic Kotarski

Every successful business uses systems in order to keep their business functioning properly. I was taught an amazing system early on in my sales career. It served as a failsafe tool when I was struggling and in doubt of making my next sale.

I eventually learned that on my learning days (no such thing as a “BAD” day in sales) when my performance wasn’t up to scratch; it was in fact, me who failed and not the system. I was losing my attitude, making excuses or contemplating about skipping my territory. We had a saying proudly displayed on our office walls that stated; “The system never fails, people fail to work the system.” If I could just stay focused long enough and push myself to stay on track then I knew the law of averages would eventually kick in and so too would my sales.

I want to include an excerpt from my recently published book, “The Making” and share the system that allowed me to make over 1.2 million in sales in my first 18 months in business.(For extra information my team and I were selling $5.00 items to the general public via B2B method)

5 Essential Steps to a Sale

1) Engage (Introduction) – Go in with high energy and make eye contact, have a big smile and stay with the introduction until you’ve got engagement with your customer.

2) Explore (Qualification) – Make sure you qualify the customer before you present your product or service. Don’t waste your time or theirs. Ask insightful questions. Can they make buying decisions or influence the process? Do they have available funds to make a purchase? Do they have a need or slight desire for your product or service?

3) Envision (Presentation) – Present your product or service and be sure to stress the deal while offering all the great benefits and features.

4) Enlist/Enroll (Confirmation) – It occurred to me that if you do the first three steps correctly then the close really wasn’t a huge step at all but more of a confirmation to carry on with an order or to confirm the next steps to be taken.

5) Encore (Maximization) – This was all about maximizing the order. Are there other products that could be useful for them? Do they know anyone else that might be interested? Referrals.


Business Lesson 21

Having a great sales process is only part of a successful sales business; equally as important are the working habits, and guidelines to keep you and your team on track.

Ten Absolute Guidelines for Success

Dominic’s effective and fun work habits:

1) Attendance (Show up) – You must have daily discipline.

2) Attitude (Positive Outlook) – The right attitude is necessary to achieve continual success in any endeavor.

3) Action (Work your strategy) – Be pro-active and prepare what tools and resources you need before you start working. The great thing about taking action is that it’s 100% in your control. Keep working so the Law of Averages works for you.

4) Ability (Keep improving your skillset) – Mental tactics, emotional awareness, sales skills, communication skills, technical skills as well as your ability to influence others.

5) Absorb (Sponge it) – Absorb the positives and use them to build on. Absorb the negatives and deflect like a fighter. Maintain your motivation by keeping your thoughts and actions focused towards your goals.

6) Accommodate – Your goals, your customers’ wishes and your teams’ dreams. Don’t forget your family and friends need you too: Maintain balance.

7) Apply – Keep listening, learning and applying your new knowledge; keep focused on applying your business strategies, follow the logical steps and tactics necessary to succeed.

8) Accountability – Take full responsibility for your results, both good and bad. Your power lies within you.

9) Accumulate,Amalgamate and Advocate – Consistently expand and utilize your network – keep making and maintaining business and personal contacts so you can not only stay in business but grow your business. Help others to hit their goals and you will reach yours.

10) Accelerate – Keep focused on moving forward. Teach what you’ve learned – if you share your new knowledge then you’ll be able to keep it and build on it. If you pay it forward it will live on and come back to you in many lucrative ways.

Follow this system and make sure you’re team does the same and you will be guaranteed to share in the success you create.

Happy Sales,

Dominic Kotarski author of “The Making | A Down-to-Earth Sales Guide” and Founder of Sales Success Academy

Dominic Kotarski – International Consultant – Author – Coach – Trainer – SpeakerDominic Kotarski

Dominic writes, speaks, inspires, motivates and teaches on the most important aspects of your business including Sales, Coaching, Team building, People Management and Business Development. Get weekly access to his blog & training videos FREE by subscribing at http://www.salessuccessacademy.com


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