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Company Directors

If you’re the Director of your own Sales Company or Organization (5 – 50 employees) then this is the perfect membership for you.

The Benefits of Your Membership include:

  • Access to Sales Success Academy for all you team members.
  • Access to clients and projects available in your country.
  • Worldwide Collaborative opportunities with Global Direct International member’s, various products and services.
  • Monthly Leadership, Management or sales training (1 hour) for your team.
  • Monthly coaching/consulting/mentorship call with Global Direct International Founder.
  • Introductions to Global Direct International CEO’s for sharing ideas, new trends and best practices.

Your Membership Fee is $100.00 USD Only

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*you can cancel your membership at any time and any contracts or deals you created while using our Global Network will remain active. So there’s really no downside to joining our amazing network of Direct Marketing Thought Leaders and CEO’s.