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The Ultimate Checklist for Sales Leaders

The Ultimate Quick Checklist for all Sales Leaders:

  • When leading and training people always maintain your course of action – “No Matter What!”
  • In Sales, The “Law of averages” works even and up until the last call of the day. Believe in it and let it work magic for you.
  • The sales process works. You must stick with the system and trust in the successful outcome.
  • You’re always being watched by your colleagues and customers, keep on a brave face and show your confidence and charisma while working. This will increase your chances of success by an immeasurable factor.
  • There is always a buyer. Persevere and you are guaranteed to find them.
  • 80% of salespeople fail to become superstars because they don’t develop a proper sales process /conversation with a clearly defined close or request for an order.
  • Money is the by-product of belief, confidence, perseverance, passion and enthusiasm. Make sure you keep developing these qualities in your professional life. They will serve you well.

Sometimes it’s motivating to keep a list of your work absolutes that will get you back on track and keep you there. These are a few of mine and an excerpt from my sales memoir “The Making” that have always served me well.

Please share some of yours so this blog post can serve as a tool for all hard working/results oriented Sales professionals who are investing time and effort in their development.

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